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Patricia Fox


I can not share the feeling I had the moment I saw my image up on a huge billboard in Times Square. My friend Benny Benny came with me to seek and search to find one of the the 4 locations. They are images looping with 6 other talents….and the image is up for maybe 1 second at the time. It was so much fun finding the 1st billboard and sharing it with Impeach Donald Trump right under neath me! Can you imagine??? Hilarious!

The next challenge was to capture a fabulous photograph and video of me up on the big screen…….mission accomplished!

The last image is the most amazing as it captures me on 3 screens in one photo thanks to a committed, persistent partner who did not give up before the miracle.  

The biggest shock that actually caused weak knees was seeing a full page color ad in the New York Times of myself promoting PRODUCT (RED).  It was so big and so unexpected that I was literally dumb struck and in disbelief…….it took me several hours to come back down to earth.  I feel so blessed and grateful and speechless!